Review: Yves Rocher Exfoliating Scrub and Hydrating Mask

Hello again! :-). First product review. I know I should probably wait until I have used the products for a while but I couldn’t wait! So I guess I will have to do an update after about two weeks or so…

So this time I am back with a beauty post. I’ve decided to post about this new product (okay, well not so new, but new to me) that I recently discovered. It is a product that goes by name of Yves Rocher , a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand based in La Gacilly, France. They are France’s number one brand in skincare and have been around for over fifty years now.

France's Number One brand in skincare

France’s Number One brand in skincare

Created by Yves Rocher, a French businessman who pioneered the modern use of natural ingredients in cosmetics, he ensured the high quality of all his products by closely monitoring and controlling the entire process – a philosophy that continues today. From the attic of his family home in La Gacilly to over 300 million products distributed annually worldwide, Yves Rocher has become one of  the world’s most trusted and sought-after brands.’

–  V&A Waterfront website (

Yves Rocher products are all about “the love of nature” and are centred around creating products that aren’t harmful to your skin. With this in mind, many of their products are free of Parabens and colours. The way I see it, it would be the French equivalent of Simple skincare that is said to be the number one skincare range in the United Kingdom.

The Yves Rocher products were recently brought to South Africa in 2011. The first product to be available was the Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier. Now, you can find a host of their products at selected Woolworths stores nationwide.

Curious, as I always am, and also being on the hunt to find a facial scrub and a hydrating mask for my ‘stubborn’ combination/oily skin, I stumbled across these products at Woolworths Fourways Mall. I picked up two products: The Exfoliating Foam Cleanser Resurfacing Effect and the Intensive Moisture Mask Botanical Hydration.

Exfoliating Foam Cleanser Resurfacing Effect

Yves Rocher Exfoliating CleanserAccording to the Yves Rocher website, this exfoliating cleanser will clean the skin, refine skin texture and revive radiance. It retails at around R80 – R85 per 150ml which is a great price (about £4.90 – currently being sold at half price in Europe. It usually retails for £9.80. That is US$15.95 and $8 at half price). No animal ingredients used.

The product is tested under dermatological supervision and contains three detoxifying teas as explained on the website: “green tea extract detoxifies by its antioxidant action, white tea extract detoxifies by re-oxygenating cells and Madagascar tea extracts toxins by stimulating cellular defences.”

I have only used this product once, but I’m still going to let you know how it’s been so far. First off, the product is creamy, the exfoliating granules aren’t too abrasive (apricot seed powders) on the skin and it smells pleasant. The product however does not foam as they claim it does. And it is fragranced and one of the products that is not Paraben free (contains METHYLPARABEN).

After having rinsed it off, it left my skin quite tight and dry especially my cheeks -however, it must be said that my cheeks were extremely dry prior to use of this product so I can’t blame it on the product itself, especially after one use. The next day however, whether it’s due it’s skin resurfacing effect or the hydrating mask or that my skin was very dry to begin with anyway, the excess dry skin on my cheeks (that had been slowly flaking off for about two to three days) shed off after I had moisturised with an emollient moisturiser. The skin on my cheeks afterwards felt less tight and felt much smoother than previously. Some of my hyperpigmentation and other lighter scars on my face are even lighter now and my skin is slowly starting to feel a little more moisturised. I had a bit of redness on the tops of my cheeks but that’s all but faded.

Could it be the scrub? Well…there was one more step of course. The hydrating mask.

Intensive Moisture Mask Botanical Hydration

Yves Rocher This product is said to “treat your skin to professional formula mask in the comfort of your home”. The website claims it to help improve skin tone and brighten up dull and tired looking complexions.

The mask has a cool and refreshing feel – the colour is a light pastel mint colour. The mask is made to re-hydrate dry skin (which is why I purchased it – for my dry cheeks) and is supposed to be left on the skin for only five minutes and to be rinsed. But I have read some reviews where people have left it on for longer. So I guess it’ll be simply based on trial-and-error – and whatever works for your skin.

I used the product after I had cleansed and exfoliated my face. When I applied the product on my cheeks stung like crazy. Perhaps I had applied the product a bit too soon after exfoliating (note to self). I rinsed the product off my cheeks with cold water. However, it seemed to be doing a pretty good job on the rest of my face. I am looking to try it one more time on my cheeks (since it worked so well on the rest of my face). It did replace a bit of the moisture in my cheeks (along with the emollient moisturiser I used). And as mentioned above, the excess dead skin shed off leaving a smoother (still a way to go though) more healthy looking skin.

Yves RocherThis product Retails for about R90 at Woolworths (US$16; about £10.36).

Yves Rocher have a range of other products such as cosmetics, body care and fragrances. Take a look at their website and browse through what they have to offer. And should you like to purchase any of their products*:

North America can purchase online at

Europe can purchase at‎ (specify your country of residence)

South Africa can purchase at selected Woolworths stores – click on their Facebook link to see which Woolworths stores are stockists:

Or purchase online at

*Disclaimer: I have in no way, shape or form been financially rewarded or imbursed by Yves Rocher for this review. This review is based entirely on my own personal experience with their products (so far).


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