Top 10 Healthiest Foods – MNT’s List

Hey peeps!

A sunny Thursday morning in the City of Gold – but still cold though. I hope everybody (everywhere) is doing well and is all smiles :-)

I wanted to share something that I found on the Medical News Today ( website: The Top 10 Healthiest Foods! I’m excited about this.

I found this absolutely amazing. You will also be pleasantly surprised at the items listed. I think because generally, we think that healthier foods tend to be more expensive – and I guess that is true to a certain extent. But take a look at this list. Health foods need not be so expensive…

Obviously your diet cannot be restricted to these foods alone. But incorporating them into your current healthy (right?) diet and aiming to eat these foods at least twice (remember portion sizes!!) a week, I think will go a long way. It has done great for me and I’m loving it!!

At the moment, within my healthy and yummy diet, I eat at least three fruits and three vegetables a day. I know it’s meant to be five but blah blah blah! Three has been great for me and it’s working out just fine. I drink at least a litre and a half of water every day (I aim for two litres). And I get in some exercise at least four times in a week: two days of the four consist of strenuous training – twenty minutes cardio (step, treadmill, bike) and forty minutes strength (dumbbells, exercise ball, sand bag, resistance band, bar with and without weights, body conditioning). The other two days are aren’t as hectic – forty minutes cardio (zumba, dancing, running, walking) and twenty minutes strength. And of course ten minutes of stretching before and after each workout.

I love going to the gym. I don’t go everyday though –  if I go on Monday, I will skip Tuesday and then go again on Wednesday, skip Thursday and then go on Friday etc. just to help my body recuperate from the previous day’s training. Doing great so far :-)

So…after all of that, back to that list! Take a look. You might actually find that you already eat most of these foods anyway.

Top 10 Healthiest Foods – MNT


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