“Lazy” Days Exercise Routine

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I hope everybody is doing great!

Wow! This Monday morning in Johannesburg is freezing. My word, it’s like I woke up in Antarctica. This freezing winter weather inspired me to blog about fitness and exercise during those days when you just couldn’t be bothered. I have those off days when I just feel I don’t want to do any kind of workout at all. But then I always end up feeling a tad guilty that I missed out on a workout. So I went on the hunt for a simple routine that could work the entire body but would also be quick (well, as quick as quick can be when it comes to exercising).

This routine I found on Pinterest. Now I know there are many quick exercises you can find nearly anywhere. But the trick is to find something that suits you and that you enjoy and can sustain. I have tried many others before and I always found that I did them three or four time, and then I was just like “Well, it was fun while it lasted“.

This routine takes fifteen minutes to complete but boy does it really give you a workout. It’s quite a flexible routine too. So you can simply do it as it is – if you feeling really lazy (but please, do put some kind of acceptable effort into it, otherwise what’s the point?). Or you can add dumbbells, weights for the lunges, a resistance band, a sand bag for the squats – customise it to suit your workout needs.

You can then decide how many times you want to do the entire workout. It is advised that as a beginner, you go through it once. Then slowly as you work up your strength, do it twice (totalling thirty minutes). Work your up to an hour adding training equipment to give you a harder workout. And should a day come that you are just not up to it, do the workout once through or twice. It’s much better than not exercising at.

See below the workout:

Courtesy: Pinterest

Courtesy: Pinterest

Start at the five minute point and work your way down to the one minute plank. What I like to do, is replace the five minute routine with zumba or some type of dancing which I do for more than five minutes (I just love to dance). Then carry on with the routine.

This routine is not my main routine that I would do when I am at the gym or doing a serious workout. It’s a routine I would normally use when I feel a little lazy or on a day when the weather has just gone crazy like it did today.

I am not such a fan of workout DVDs that you can do at home. I have tried it once and I did not enjoy it as much. Or perhaps the DVD I had was not a very inspiring one…? If any of you have some suggestions on home exercise DVDs that you’ve tried and that you thought were great, please let me know. I am willing to give them another go.

Take care. And if you’re in SA, keep warm. 🙂


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