How High Can You Go?

How high is too high? Can you go too high? Read this great blog post….really interesting.


High Heels Complete Guide And Tips:

Of course high heels are sublime, but a mere glance at them through the shop windows, with their iridescent platforms and their Eiffel tower design, is enough to cause vertigo. And aren’t heels against nature? Yes chorus doctors. And those who rush about all day know it: ideal height is 4 cm. At 9 cm, one runs the real risks of collapse of the arch of the foot and lumbar aches. In hindsight, a bit of a heel muscles the leg; indeed it is advisable if you are prone to Achilles heel tendinitis.

High Heels

Climbing On Board: Before you take the leap, follow these instructions-

  • Alternate the heights: 8 cm, yes, but not everyday.
  • Choose suede: Less rigid than gloss, as well as rounded tips, are far more comfortable.
  • Dump the pair that hurt you the moment you tried them on in a boutique. Those…

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