Updated Review: Yves Rocher Exfoliating Scrub and Hydrating Mask

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A long awaited blog post. It’s taken me a while to do this review update. With so many exciting things happening and new products to try, and of course as you know the curious little kitten I am, I got swept away in all of it. But no worries – here it is. The updated review of the Yves Rocher Exfoliating Scrub and Hydrating Mask.

If you remember, I did an earlier review of these two products (read it here). My initial thoughts were that the two were a good addition to my current skin care routine. However, after a while, it felt as if the products began to plateau.

Yves Rocher Exfoliating CleanserThe Exfoliating Foam Cleanser Resurfacing Effect, as I had mentioned before, doesn’t actually foam. At all. Not even in the least. It’s a creamy formula with granules that aren’t too abrasive (apricot seed powders) on the skin and it smells pleasant. However, after it’s initial “POW!”, it began to dwindle and was not as effective as it had been when I first began using the product.

Not that I was too disappointed though. I did have my reservations about the fact that it contains Methylparaben and it is fragranced. I would have much rather preferred an exfoliator that excludes those added preservatives, colourants and fragrances. I am grateful however, for its initial work. It really did help to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and oils and it’s resurfacing effect did initially work for me.

From that point onwards however, it was pretty much bleh. It didn’t make my skin any worse nor did it break me out. But neither did it make it any better after the first few times of use.


Yves Rocher As for the Intensive Moisture Mask Botanical Hydration, you will remember that I did mention that it stings when I use it. Even for the number of times I used it after my initial review, it continued to sting. Eventually I decided to abandon this product altogether and stick to using my natural pure raw organic honey as a face mask until I find something else that I could use. Perhaps I should make the move to Manuka Honey.

The mask has a cool and refreshing feel – the colour is a light pastel mint colour. The mask is made to re-hydrate dry skin and is supposed to be left on the skin for only five minutes and to be rinsed. Again, this product is fragranced.

The crazy stinging just really got to me. And after all of that, I still did not feel like my skin was hydrated, more supple or reinvigorated. I still would have red patches and issues with dehydrated skin and my skin still felt tight/taut. After some continued use, I just gave up on it. In the first week that I had returned to using my raw organic honey as a face mask (after abandoning the Yves Rocher Hydrating Mask), I could already feel a slight difference in my skin. Two weeks in, I could see my skin begin to look somewhat like it did before the dehydration spell hit. With the help of BioNike’s Proxera products, the honey face mask and my fortnightly facials, my skin is looking grand!

I still love the Yves Rocher brand. I make use of their Cleansing Milk for Sensitive Skin and their Vegetel Eye Serum. The cleansing milk has helped a lot with dehydrated skin.

I am also really wanting to try their Replumping Serum Foundation which is half foundation and half serum (rose extracts) and the primer (enriched with musk rose oil, Damask rose extract and Damask rosewater) that goes along with it. I have always loved foundations that also treat.

The Replumping Serum Foundation retails for R195 at Woolworths

The Yves Rocher Perfect Primer is not available at any of the Woolworths I have visited. It retails for $13.20 online (which about R135)

North America can purchase online at www.yvesrocherusa.com/.

Europe can purchase at www.yves-rocher.com/‎ (specify your country of residence)

South Africa can purchase at selected Woolworths stores – click on their Facebook link to see which Woolworths stores are stockists: http://www.facebook.com/YvesRocherSA/info

Or purchase online at http://www.woolworths.co.za/Home/Beauty/Brands/Yves-Rocher/cat591672.cat.

Until the next post…take care!! 🙂


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