“Sweat Like A Pig…Look Like A Fox”

Happy Tuesday!!

I found this amazingly inspiring fitness quote on Pinterest the other day. So funny…and yet so true. Hope you have a good laugh like I did.

Get Motivated. Inspire Health.

Hellooo!! LOL

And here are more that inspire me:


Who wouldn’t be inspired by this!?!

Getting there. :-)

Call me crazy but I live for that soreness the next day. No pain, no gain!!

Reasons to be fit. BOOM!! That's me right there....

Don’t give up. Keep going. It’s worth it. You’ll see…


This one was also a funny one! 🙂


This is what it’s all about: health. Not being thin or skinny. But HEALTH!!


I hope these have inspired you too in some way!

Until the next post…take care 🙂


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