Nom Nom Nom – My Top Five Breakfasts

Wow! Been a while!!

I hope you are well and dandy.

Today’s post is about health. Healthy eating to be more precise. And many of you will know that I love health! I am so into eating healthy, exercising regularly and just taking care of yourself and your body. I am also a firm believer in beginning each and everyday with a glass or two of water after you wake up. And about ten to fifteen minutes after, eat your breakfast. If you love to do your workout in the mornings like I do, wake up and make your breakfast and make sure to eat it at least half an hour before you begin your workout. Make sure you eat the right type of food before your workouts. My pre-workout staple is rolled oats with sliced banana, mixed berries and an egg white. Sometimes I will add two scoops of vanilla or chocolate flavoured pure 100% whey protein powder into the oats instead of the egg white. It may sound a bit off-putting, but I swear it’s really good and tasty.

So here I want to share my top five favourite breakfasts that I have almost every week. I may change them up a bit once in a while, but I usually stick to the original way of doing it. Here goes:

1. Oatmeal/Rolled Oats with Mixed Berries, Banana and Egg White

As said before, this is a favourite pre-workout breakfast meal. But I don’t restrict it to a pre-workout meal. I also love to have some even on the odd day. It’s packed so much yummy goodness. I prefer to use gluten-free rolled oats and fresh berries. But at times when berries aren’t in season, I will use frozen berries. And if you like, you can also add some crushed assorted raw nuts to the meal.

I cook my oats either on the stove or in the microwave and don’t add any extra sugar.



2. Avocado and Tomato with A Boiled Egg and a piece of Rye Bread Toast

A favourite food of mine is the avocado pear. And this meal is a very simple meal to make. Just cut up a few avocado and tomato slices/pieces, boil an egg (hard or soft-boiled – whichever you prefer) and prepare one piece of rye bread toast (or any other type of bread that you prefer). What I like to do sometimes is use the avocado as a spread on my toast and add the tomato slices on top. Sprinkle some black pepper and mixed herbs on top and have my boiled egg on the side or, if soft-boiled, on top of the toast. Too delicious.

The reason why it’s a great idea to pair avocados with tomatoes? In a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, it was found that participants who ate avocados paired with tomatoes “…absorbed four and a half times the amount of lycopene from the tomatoes” (Health Diaries). The healthy essential fats that are found in avocados help the body to better absorb the lycopene in from the tomatoes. Lycopene helps to protect against cancer, inflammatory diseases, and age-related illnesses such as cataracts.

3. Chopped Mixed Fruits with Granola

I love to eat fruits…I eat them every day in all their varieties. And to start off my day with fruit as part of my breakfast just goes a long way to cheering me up and starting my day on the right foot. When I prepare this breakfast for myself, the fruits I use change all the time. Sometimes it will be bananas, apples, grapes, orange and kiwi. Another time it will be blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apple and Sharon fruit. And on another day it could be grapefruit pieces, pineapple, pear, paw-paw/papaya and sweet melon. It really depends on which fruit I have at my disposal at the time and of course if the fruit is in season. I don’t use the entire fruit – I usually will use half the kiwi, a quarter of the pear and a quarter of the apple, half the banana, half the peach or nectarine etc. so I am still able to fit in all the fruit and granola and still not end up feeling like I am royally stuffed. I like to keep it at five different fruit in my granola.

The granola I use I buy at Neal’s Health Yard in Fourways Mall (as well as the rolled oats which is also available at Dischem). I sometimes eat the granola and mixed fruits with low-fat milk or plain low-fat Greek yoghurt. Delicious!!

4. Yummy Crumpets with Apple Slices

20130630-122950.jpgI once did a blog post on how I make these yummy crumpets.

I just love them and every now and then I will have them for breakfast with some apple slices and sprinkle some cinnamon and drizzle some pure raw unprocessed honey over.

Here is the recipe should you want to make them yourselves. They really are so good!

Try it out.




5. Fruits, Assorted Nuts and A Smoothie

A really simple and easy breakfast I love. I will have just a bunch of fruits for breakfast with a smoothie and assorted nuts. I usually don’t go over five different types of fruit and if necessary I will eat half of each fruit.

My smoothie is usually a high protein smoothie which will have a banana in it (therefore I will not eat a banana as part of the whole fruit I eat); egg white, 1 tablespoon of pure organic peanut butter, half a cup of uncooked rolled oats and two scoops of 100% whey protein powder (vanilla or chocolate flavour).

And depending on the consistency and what my mood is that morning, I will add half a cup of either plain low-fat Greek yoghurt or half a cup of soy milk. I usually try to make a bout 250ml of the smoothie.

Any left over I will drink later in the afternoon as a high protein snack.

Well, there you have it. My top five breakfasts. I just love to eat – as you can probably see. Healthy eating has become such a joy for me. I don’t find it to be a pain in the butt or too much effort. I really do not have a problem waking up early and preparing my breakfast meals. It’s become like second nature.

I hope you will try one or two of my favourites. No need to be bland and boring in order to eat healthy. Just find what works for you, make better and healthier choices (i.e. grill instead of fry); add more vegetables and fruits; choose natural wholesome carbohydrates and remember there is room for every kind of food. Healthy eating is not about being on a diet and being deprived. You can enjoy all food groups…in moderation and in the right proportions. Voila!

Until the next post…keep super duper well! 🙂


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