Thursday Favourite: The Makeup D0ll on YouTube

Okay, if you are anything like me, you will most probably find that this whole highlighting and contouring business is such a schlep! My big thing with it is whether it really is necessary to do it? I prefer to simply highlight just to give my complexion a bit of shimmer and that summer glow. I’ve never really found it necessary to contour or is it that I’m quite fortunate my face doesn’t look dully flat and too plain when I’ve simply applied face and eye makeup with a little bit of highlight, lip colour and a hint of blush? Different strokes for different folks, not so…

Well, whether you love to do it or not, I found this fantastic video on YouTube that, in my opinion, makes highlighting and contouring look like such a piece of cake to do. She goes by the name Makeup D0ll on YouTube and I am obsessed with her videos (her real name is Kiesha). She is the bomb dot com. Check out her highlight and contouring video below:

Courtesy: The Makeup D0ll

See how easy she makes it look? Now you can go and practice, practice, practice. It certainly gave me a few tips and tricks to try.

And just for good measure I am going to add another video below from the Makeup D0ll. This is one of my favourite makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. I just love the products she used and the finished look is fantastic, flawless and beautiful! Check it out:

Courtesy: The Makeup D0ll

Hope you enjoyed that. Next week I will feature another one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus. You may already know about her. She too is gorgeous and her makeup tutorials are fab!

Until the next post…take care! 🙂


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