Lorna Jane Clarkson’s “More of the Fit Woman’s Secret”

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As I had mentioned in an earlier blog post, having submitted a motivational mantra on their Facebook page a few weeks ago, the people at Lorna Jane South Africa sent me this incredible book by founder Lorna Jane Clarkson titled More Of The Fit Women’s Secret to read and enjoy.

I’m not going to make this review your typical book review where the reviewer goes into detail about the style of writing, language, diction, subtext, themes and the like. This book didn’t evoke that sort of critical appraisal in me. It rather inspired me and lit up a few new ideas and relit others I had had before. I just wanted to share and highlight the parts of the book that struck a chord.

I myself am a sports and health fanatic and I look to live my life clean and actively – I love to eat healthy foods; I love going to the gym, playing sports, jogging or doing home-based exercises. It’s become a part of who I am now and is something I just can’t do without. But there is always that need for motivation. There are days when you can question yourself. I have come to learn that this is a long-term thing – it’s about sustainability. The ability to be able to live my life like this…everyday for the rest of my time on this earth. This book served as that thing of inspiration. Reading this book, on so many levels, reaffirmed that I am on the right track. The Move Nourish Believe (MNB) philosophy wasn’t prevalent in name, but on many levels I was living it and heading in the right direction.

Lorna Jane Clarkson's MORE

Lorna Jane Clarkson’s MORE

Now look, I love to read. I have read a countless number of books – some I have absolutely loved, adored and treasured…others, well not so much – but I have appreciated the opportunity to read them anyway. I believe that you can never really have a ‘bad’ read if you are a true book and reading lover. You can only grow and learn. I was so super excited to read this book. Before I actually sat down and started reading it, I had a quick look through the book (no reading). Just to get an idea of what to expect. And I was pleasantly surprised. I was immediately captured by the format of the book. It isn’t set out like your typical novel – page after page of typed word. As mentioned again in the previous blog post, this book is set out as a journal. It has so much colour; pictures; motivational sayings, advices and quotes; different types of fonts used – it’s like you are reading Lorna’s own personal journal/diary. It’s an incredible way to draw in the reader and make them feel like the author herself is right there beside you as you go on her journey and live her story through the book.

While reading the book, I found myself nodding my head at so many of the points that were made. I found that I actually know many of the concepts and ideas that Lorna mentioned. I have been trying to live them myself. So to have that affirmation from someone who has been doing this for years…wow! And then to have her supply a platform where I can centre these beliefs, habits and attitudes – the MNB philosophy. But I knew that there were pieces of my puzzle missing. And one really simple mistake I was making was not writing things down. Instead, they would cloud up my head…some would fall away from the simple fact that my head got filled with so many ideas, thoughts and plans. I found that writing it down was the first step in making it real.

Another point Lorna makes in this book – the love of reading. I have tonnes of novels upon novels and some have been re-read purely because a) I thoroughly enjoyed the book that much, it deserved a second read and b) I just have to have something to read…always. My iPad is packed with books in its iBooks store. I just love the journey you take when you get lost in a great story. My favourite types of reads are those that come alive in my head. That take me by my imagination and allow for me to explore worlds real and unreal with characters that touch my heart…my life. Stories that inspire, excite and linger on in my mind long after I have read them. I can travel the world and far beyond just by sitting and opening a book. It’s an amazing love I have had since I was a child. It’s built up my imagination, expanded my mind and my vocabulary, strengthened my ability to be insightful and critical. I truly understand when Lorna says you just can’t go a day without having read something.

Signed copy

Signed copy

Ah. And a favourite surprise – her love for chocolate and the fact that she refuses to feel guilty for allowing herself to eat it on a daily basis! I know…I was so super excited to hear that. She has even added some yummy chocolate recipes for the reader to make at home.

A section of the book I believe came in handy in my own journey of active living, health, wellness and well-being: the food we eat to nourish our bodies and the activities we do to keep our bodies fit. Lorna has jam-packed so many helpful pieces of advice, examples, tips and recipes to help better understand what it is we put into our bodies and how we can keep ourselves strong and healthy through regular exercise and a balanced and nutritional diet.

Even that little fifteen to twenty minutes that you can squeeze out of your day is enough to get your body moving through dedicated exercise. A little bit is better than nothing at all. And I get when Lorna says that if she misses a day of training, she feels like all that hard work is beginning to unravel. Personally, I have one day a week where I don’t train at all and that works for me. It helps my body recuperate and recover – different strokes for different folks.

She also has some excellent advice on organic foods. I have been very aware of organic foods and try as much as possible to stick to buying organic. My rule of thumb when it comes to food: eat your food as raw as possible, where possible. If not possible, grill, boil, poach, sauté (coconut oil, olive oil) or steam.

The same goes for the beauty products we use – the trend now is to try and stick to face and body products that have natural ingredients that will feed your skin the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. I agree with that, but I also find that there are one or two products that work so well for me that don’t quite have all natural products. I have always been of the opinion and advocated for the school of thought that says healthy eating results in healthy skin…along with regular exercise. If you aren’t looking after your body from the inside, it will show poor health on the outside. Your skin care products should help to compliment the work healthy eating and exercise do for your skin and over all health; to enhance and add that extra punch of vitamins and nutrients to aid your skin’s health.

LJ 4I have come to realise how I have made such HUGE changes to my diet it’s unbelievable. I am so proud of how much I have been able to positively change in terms of food and keeping a healthy balanced diet. It has helped in every aspect of my over all health. My struggle was knowing how to fit in the ‘favourites’ – dark chocolate for dessert; or a handful of raw assorted nuts for an afternoon snack; a cup of coffee is okay; I can still enjoy that garlic bread that I love so much. Small changes make quite a difference. Everything has a place on the plate. It’s about moderation and portion control. The 80/20 rule is fantastic too. And a great way to avoid feeling guilty about eating what society has come to label as ‘bad foods’.

It is really amazing when you read a book and you know exactly what the author is talking about. You understand the issues and the concept. It’s encouraging and inspirational. And I guess also some kind of affirmation that you are doing well, you’re on the right path and that you should keep soldiering on.


I haven’t completed the book yet. But I make sure to give myself an hour everyday to read it. Just a few pages left and it’s all done. I am pretty much powering through it and am thoroughly enjoying every bit of the book. Taking it all in…and to bring it into everyday life.

The book is available on the Lorna Jane SA website (which you can visit if you click here), and is valued at R499. Alternatively, you can visit any Lorna Jane venue and purchase in-store:

Sandton City, Johannesburg

Morningside, Johannesburg

Nicolway Bryanston, Johannesburg

Strijdom Park, Johannesburg

Gateway, Durban

Until the next post…take care! 🙂


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