Thursday Favourite: Annie Jaffrey on YouTube

Good Thursday to you all! I hope every single one of you are doing fantastically well.

Well, like I did last week, I have another YouTube makeup guru to tell you about. Again, she is one of my favourites to watch on the Tube and I have been following her on YouTube and Twitter for a while now. Her name is Annie Jaffrey. Her makeup tutorials are super easy to understand and follow and she likes to keep it simple and not too heavy. What I like about her is that she not only posts makeup tutorials, but also gives advice on healthy eating, regular exercising and just over-all well-being and active living. Love that! Here are two of my favourite videos from Annie:

FOUNDATION For Flawless Skin! ♥

Courtesy: AnnieJaffrey on YouTube

DIY Honey Face Mask! ♥ (Perfect for Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin)

Courtesy: AnnieJaffrey on YouTube

She is absolutely gorgeous. Visit her YouTube page – Annie Jaffrey YouTube. And also check out her blog – Annie Jaffrey Blog.

Next week Thursday I will post about another one of my favourite YouTube makeup gurus…she’s really hilarious. I just love her Bloopers at the end of some of her videos. Check that out next week.

Until next post…take care! 🙂


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