Thursday Favourite: SMLxO on YouTube

Hello! And it’s Thursday again…can you believe how the weeks…months are just flying by? And it’s finally getting warmer in these parts of the world. Spring is most definitely on the way and I am so super excited. I am such a summer baby 🙂

It’s that time of the week when I share with you another one of my favourite YouTube makeup gurus. This lovely American lass I recently discovered and I absolutely adore her tutorials. She is gorgeous, her tutorials, like the other two artists I have featured, are easy to follow and she is just absolutely hilarious. Her bloopers at the end of some of her videos are just plain funny (remember to watch the video right up until the end to catch the bloopers).

Her full name is Stephanie Michelle Ledda but she’s just simply known as Steph or SMLxO. See below two of my favourite videos from her channel…and I can bet you will absolutely love her work as much as I do. Remember to watch out for the Bloopers at the end 🙂

Sweet & Sultry Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial ♡

Pretty Peacock Halloween Tutorial

She’s just hilarious. Those bloopers are funny. To see the rest of her videos, visit her YouTube channel by clicking here –> SMLxO

Until the next post…take care! 🙂


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