My Challenges for the Month: Squat and Crunch

Call me crazy but I have taken it upon myself to do this 30-Day Squat and 30-Crunch challenges. Difference is, I will be doing them simultaneously.

I am currently on Day 5 of both the squat and crunch challenge and let me tell you, ever since day one, there has not been a morning where I did not wake up sore. Let me just also add here that I am doing the squat and crunch challenges along with my normal exercise routine that I do. So I will do my normal workout for the day (which is an hour long) and then do the squat and crunch challenge for that day. Phew!

But hey, I am really enjoying it though and am very excited to see what the results will be 🙂

Below are the two challenges if you would like to try them yourselves. And take before and after pictures after each level of the challenges (see below for the levels). Seeing your progress will keep you motivated and determined to keep going.

30-Day Squat Challenge

30-Day Squat Challenge

30-Day Crunch Challenge

30-Day Crunch Challenge


LEVEL ONE: Day 1 – 10

LEVEL TWO: Day 2 – 20

LEVEL THREE: Day 21 – 30

I hope you enjoy the challenge!

Until the next post…take care! 🙂


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