Toni & Guy Casual Collection

So I was super excited to try out Toni & Guy’s Casual Collection for hair. The products that I received from Beauty Bulletin: the Holding Hairspray, the Sea Salt Texturising spray and the Cleanse (shampoo) and Nourish (conditioner) products for damaged hair. This week-end I decided to get on with it and opted to start safe by creating a neat bun that I wore the next day.

Toni&Guy Casual Collection

Toni&Guy Casual Collection

I simply washed my hair with the provided shampoo and conditioner. First of all, I have never had a shampoo wash my hair so clean. And trust me I have tried all of the shampoos under the sun. This left my hair clean and my scalp felt refreshed…like it could breathe. The conditioner is so creamy and cooling and I could feel the rich lather get to work. Once rinsed, my hair felt soft and manageable which was great when it came to drying my hair.

Once my hair was dry and after having put in my regular hair and scalp treatment that I occasionally use, I sprayed the tiniest amount of the Sea Salt Texturising spray from the root of my hair to the tip. This spray is said to “create texture and body with light to medium hold”. The reason why sprayed a little amount was because I needed my hair to actually lie quite flat on my head for the bun so I didn’t need too much body. The spray is suitable for all hair types. If you are looking for a beach hair type of look, this is the stuff to use.

Then what I did is a use a brush with dense bristles and brushed up my hair to the crown of my head. Once I was satisfied with the smoothness of the hair leading up to the crown, I tied my hair into a ponytail and wrapped it around to create the bun. Before finishing off the look, I made sure that all my hair was smoothed back behind my ears, at my hairline and at the back of my head – so that there were no fly-aways.

Once I was happy, I used the holding spray to set everything into place and make sure the hairstyle would hold for the duration of the day. The Toni & Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray is probably my favourite product of the range. It is said to be a lightweight holding spray, it truly does hold the style in place. The trick is not to spray half the can onto your head. A little bit goes a long way.

The Holding Spray

Toni&Guy Casual Collection Holding Spray

Toni&Guy Casual Collection Holding Spray

This is probably my favourite product in Toni & Guy’s Casual Collection. It’s marketed as a lightweight holding spray – which is great for curls…but let me tell you that this stuff is super durable and holds your hair in place so well. I have been so thoroughly impressed. I have been using it daily for the past week and I am chuffed at how my hairstyles have lasted throughout the day.

It allows your hair to keep its volume which was fantastic for my messy bee-hive hairstyle I rocked yesterday.

In my opinion, the smell is like your typical hairspray smell…maybe a tad lighter which makes it a bit more pleasant. But you can still get a whiff of the stuff – not too overpowering. Although it disperses quite quickly so it’s not a problem. The nozzle of the can is great. It’s in such a way that your finger/s doesn’t/don’t get in the pathway of the sprayed contents – and it sprays evenly.

I have even found that the spray leaves a shine on my hair – making it look glossy and healthy. Definitely a product I would recommend to anyone

Until the next post…take care!


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