Thursday Favourite: Carli Bybel on YouTube

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It’s Thursday again…already! Wow! And again I am bringing you another one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus. You may have heard of her, she is quite popular. Carli Bybel all the way from New Jersey in the States. She was one of the first YouTube gurus I came to know and I just love her and her tutorials. I am also super glad that she created another channel that deals with being healthy, staying fit…that type of vibe.

But in terms of her beauty channel, here are two of my favourites 🙂

How I Contour & Highlight!

Courtesy: Carli Bybel on YouTube

Back to School Makeup, Hair & Outfit UNDER 10 Min Challenge

Courtesy: Carli Bybel on YouTube

Really awesome videos she has. Go check out her channel on YouTube and take a look at her second channel too. Super awesome.

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Thursday Favourite: Camila Coelho on YouTube

Thursday! One more day and we’re into the much anticipated week-end. And so this means yet another one of my favourite YouTube makeup gurus.

This week’s featured guru is a very recent makeup artist that I discovered. Originally from Brazil, Camila now resides in Boston, USA. What I love most about her is her style. She loves very much the same items and styles of fashion I look for and love.

Here are two of my favourite makeup tutorial videos from her YouTube channel 🙂

Pink Lips & Small Cat Eye by Camila Coelho

“Night Out” Blue makeup!

Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

Next week I will be featuring the last of my favourite YouTube guru…so stay posted for that!

Until the next post…take care! 🙂

Toni & Guy Cleanse and Nourish for Damaged Hair

Oh wow! Where do I begin. Since receiving the styling products from the Toni & Guy’s Casual Collection as well as their Cleanse (shampoo) and Nourish (conditioner) products, my hair has been doing so well. This is the second week I have been using the Cleanse and Nourish products – my hair is so clean I am so impressed.

Toni & Guy Cleanse and Nourish

Toni & Guy Cleanse and Nourish

The first time I use the Cleanse product, I could feel my scalp was clean…it felt refreshed and my hair was such a vibrant and rich jet black colour. The shampoo itself is an opaque white colour. Smells so divine. It feels silky, is very foamy and what a great job it does of getting your hair super clean.

The conditioner is a white colour and smells just as fresh as the shampoo. It nourishes the hair from root to tip and adds in those good-for-your-hair nutrients lost through styling and styling products, hair-drying and shampooing. It is coolly moisturising and doesn’t leave an oily film after rinsing out.

One of the things I was disappointed with was the opening of the shampoo (as well as the conditioner. The bottle openings don’t really allow for control of how much product one uses. And because the contents are so thick in consistency, the product tends to blob out. It would have been useful if the opening was narrowed a bit or had a squeeze through nozzle to help with control.

Another thing that annoyed me a tad, was the fact that the bottle are EXACTLY the same. Meaning you would have to actually pick up the bottle and read which is the conditioner and which is the shampoo. Kind of irritating if you are in the shower, you’ve just shampooed your hair, you need to condition, and you first have to see which is which. But of course, this is merely a personal preference. And perhaps a bit petty, but worth a mention nonetheless.

But looking past that, these products are superb. They are absolutely incredible and I would recommend them to anyone with damaged and/or dry hair.

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Toni & Guy Casual Collection

So I was super excited to try out Toni & Guy’s Casual Collection for hair. The products that I received from Beauty Bulletin: the Holding Hairspray, the Sea Salt Texturising spray and the Cleanse (shampoo) and Nourish (conditioner) products for damaged hair. This week-end I decided to get on with it and opted to start safe by creating a neat bun that I wore the next day.

Toni&Guy Casual Collection

Toni&Guy Casual Collection

I simply washed my hair with the provided shampoo and conditioner. First of all, I have never had a shampoo wash my hair so clean. And trust me I have tried all of the shampoos under the sun. This left my hair clean and my scalp felt refreshed…like it could breathe. The conditioner is so creamy and cooling and I could feel the rich lather get to work. Once rinsed, my hair felt soft and manageable which was great when it came to drying my hair.

Once my hair was dry and after having put in my regular hair and scalp treatment that I occasionally use, I sprayed the tiniest amount of the Sea Salt Texturising spray from the root of my hair to the tip. This spray is said to “create texture and body with light to medium hold”. The reason why sprayed a little amount was because I needed my hair to actually lie quite flat on my head for the bun so I didn’t need too much body. The spray is suitable for all hair types. If you are looking for a beach hair type of look, this is the stuff to use.

Then what I did is a use a brush with dense bristles and brushed up my hair to the crown of my head. Once I was satisfied with the smoothness of the hair leading up to the crown, I tied my hair into a ponytail and wrapped it around to create the bun. Before finishing off the look, I made sure that all my hair was smoothed back behind my ears, at my hairline and at the back of my head – so that there were no fly-aways.

Once I was happy, I used the holding spray to set everything into place and make sure the hairstyle would hold for the duration of the day. The Toni & Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray is probably my favourite product of the range. It is said to be a lightweight holding spray, it truly does hold the style in place. The trick is not to spray half the can onto your head. A little bit goes a long way.

The Holding Spray

Toni&Guy Casual Collection Holding Spray

Toni&Guy Casual Collection Holding Spray

This is probably my favourite product in Toni & Guy’s Casual Collection. It’s marketed as a lightweight holding spray – which is great for curls…but let me tell you that this stuff is super durable and holds your hair in place so well. I have been so thoroughly impressed. I have been using it daily for the past week and I am chuffed at how my hairstyles have lasted throughout the day.

It allows your hair to keep its volume which was fantastic for my messy bee-hive hairstyle I rocked yesterday.

In my opinion, the smell is like your typical hairspray smell…maybe a tad lighter which makes it a bit more pleasant. But you can still get a whiff of the stuff – not too overpowering. Although it disperses quite quickly so it’s not a problem. The nozzle of the can is great. It’s in such a way that your finger/s doesn’t/don’t get in the pathway of the sprayed contents – and it sprays evenly.

I have even found that the spray leaves a shine on my hair – making it look glossy and healthy. Definitely a product I would recommend to anyone

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Thursday Favourite: Lauren Curtis on YouTube

Hi there everybody! It’s Thursday, meaning two things: we are one day closer to Friday. And I introduce you to yet another one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus.

Today’s featured YouTube guru is a lady all the way from down under…Australia. Yes sir. Lauren Curtis is an amazing young makeup artist and again, I just simply love her tutorials – well of course. Otherwise she wouldn’t be one of my favourites right? 🙂

Here are two of my favourite tutorials from her channel.

Prom Makeup Tutorial

Courtesy: Lauren Beauty on YouTube

Christina Aguilera Inspired Tutorial!

Courtesy: Lauren Beauty on YouTube

Absolutely talented and really great tutorials to follow…once you get over the deep Aussie accent 🙂

Until next post…take care! 🙂

Overall Impressions: AVON Eight-in-One Colour Palette and Glimmerstick

Firstly let me start by saying I had a lot of fun playing around with different looks and experimenting with these fabulous colours. And the fact that they are metallic colours and therefore lend themselves to a night look as opposed to day, I had licence to go a little crazy on the creative side as I did with my second look (the peacock).

The quality is impressive and the colours are beautiful and visible. And add to that the affordability factor. Packed in a sleek and shiny black case with eight eye shadow colours, the product looks chic and is easy to open.

The eight flattering colours: black, silver, mauve, brown, blue, gold, turquoise and peach. My favourites are the black and the brown…I create such a beautiful smoky eye with these two colours, I do it as often as I can. Each is highly blendable and they last on the eye lid (although I would still recommend you use an eye primer prior to application of the shadows).

The shadows have a beautiful shimmery finish that compliment a dewy/glowy skin – and still don’t give that look of being shiny or too glittery. The colour just goes on with ease and I usually don’t have to re-apply it throughout the night (used with a lid primer).

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the provided applicators. I found that they were too small for certain techniques I employed or that they didn’t blend well enough. I opted to use my own eye brushes instead and the result was beautifully enhanced eyes every time.

The Glimmerstick Eyeliner: Blackest black which is exactly how I like my eyeliner. I am not really one for going all wild with different coloured eyeliners – I simply stick to the idea that with all the coloured eye shadow, I certainly don’t need coloured eyeliner too.

This Glimmerstick is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used – no exaggeration.  It is creamy but lasts for the better part of the day. It has rich colour – I mean, the black is seriously black and you can see it. It’s vibrant. I love that, Again, like the eye shadow, no need for re-application unless of course you are going for the Taylor Momsen racoon look.
Oh…and that it’s not a pencil eyeliner that needs to be sharpened was a great bonus for me!

The problem I had with the Glimmerstick though is that the tip after use becomes rounded…so if you are looking to draw on a fine line, you’d have to hold the pen at an angle to create a thinner line. And although it’s staying power is impressive for the bigger chunk of the day, it does tend to smudge a tad especially at the outer corner of the eye if you are one that loves the cat eye like I do.

Thursday Favourite: SMLxO on YouTube

Hello! And it’s Thursday again…can you believe how the weeks…months are just flying by? And it’s finally getting warmer in these parts of the world. Spring is most definitely on the way and I am so super excited. I am such a summer baby 🙂

It’s that time of the week when I share with you another one of my favourite YouTube makeup gurus. This lovely American lass I recently discovered and I absolutely adore her tutorials. She is gorgeous, her tutorials, like the other two artists I have featured, are easy to follow and she is just absolutely hilarious. Her bloopers at the end of some of her videos are just plain funny (remember to watch the video right up until the end to catch the bloopers).

Her full name is Stephanie Michelle Ledda but she’s just simply known as Steph or SMLxO. See below two of my favourite videos from her channel…and I can bet you will absolutely love her work as much as I do. Remember to watch out for the Bloopers at the end 🙂

Sweet & Sultry Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial ♡

Pretty Peacock Halloween Tutorial

She’s just hilarious. Those bloopers are funny. To see the rest of her videos, visit her YouTube channel by clicking here –> SMLxO

Until the next post…take care! 🙂