Overall Impressions: AVON Eight-in-One Colour Palette and Glimmerstick

Firstly let me start by saying I had a lot of fun playing around with different looks and experimenting with these fabulous colours. And the fact that they are metallic colours and therefore lend themselves to a night look as opposed to day, I had licence to go a little crazy on the creative side as I did with my second look (the peacock).

The quality is impressive and the colours are beautiful and visible. And add to that the affordability factor. Packed in a sleek and shiny black case with eight eye shadow colours, the product looks chic and is easy to open.

The eight flattering colours: black, silver, mauve, brown, blue, gold, turquoise and peach. My favourites are the black and the brown…I create such a beautiful smoky eye with these two colours, I do it as often as I can. Each is highly blendable and they last on the eye lid (although I would still recommend you use an eye primer prior to application of the shadows).

The shadows have a beautiful shimmery finish that compliment a dewy/glowy skin – and still don’t give that look of being shiny or too glittery. The colour just goes on with ease and I usually don’t have to re-apply it throughout the night (used with a lid primer).

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the provided applicators. I found that they were too small for certain techniques I employed or that they didn’t blend well enough. I opted to use my own eye brushes instead and the result was beautifully enhanced eyes every time.

The Glimmerstick Eyeliner: Blackest black which is exactly how I like my eyeliner. I am not really one for going all wild with different coloured eyeliners – I simply stick to the idea that with all the coloured eye shadow, I certainly don’t need coloured eyeliner too.

This Glimmerstick is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used – no exaggeration.  It is creamy but lasts for the better part of the day. It has rich colour – I mean, the black is seriously black and you can see it. It’s vibrant. I love that, Again, like the eye shadow, no need for re-application unless of course you are going for the Taylor Momsen racoon look.
Oh…and that it’s not a pencil eyeliner that needs to be sharpened was a great bonus for me!

The problem I had with the Glimmerstick though is that the tip after use becomes rounded…so if you are looking to draw on a fine line, you’d have to hold the pen at an angle to create a thinner line. And although it’s staying power is impressive for the bigger chunk of the day, it does tend to smudge a tad especially at the outer corner of the eye if you are one that loves the cat eye like I do.


Avon Eight-In-One Metallics Palette and Glimmerstick Look 2

So below is my second look using the Avon Eight-in-One Metallics eye shadow palette. Inspired by the peacock and a YouTube video I stumbled across. And away we go!

First step – Prime them lids

Using your favourite primer, prime your lids so that your eye makeup will last longer, stay put and won’t crease.

Second step – First colour – green – applied to the bottom eyelid area

Use an eye shadow brush of your choice (mine is the an All Over Shadow brush from Beautix bought at Edgars). Use the green colour in the palette and apply the colour on the bottom eyelid area only. Remember to keep a wipe or tissue nearby so you can wipe up any excess product before using the brush for another colour.

Third step – Second colour – blue – applied to the area just under the crease of the eye – the eyeball area

Using a crease brush, choose the blue shadow and apply this colour from where the green colour ends on the bottom lid, right up to but just before the crease. Do not go into your crease area or above. Stay in the eyeball area of the lid but just above the green eye shadow you have placed on your lower eyelid. To get that sultry “V” effect on the outer corners of your eye, add some sticky tape to help guide you. This will also come in handy when you apply your eyeliner.

 Fourth Step – Third colour – yellow – applied in and above the crease (above the green eye shadow)

Once you are happy with the above step, you can move on to the third and final colour. Take your normal eye shadow brush, a crease brush (preferred) or an applicator and apply the yellow eye shadow above the green but just below the brow bone. If it helps, when you get to the outer corner of the eye, open your eye and look straight ahead into the mirror (at eye level) and use quick left to right strokes to help get the product just above the crease and green colour to create a shadow effect. If you are using the sticky tape tip, you won’t need to worry about messing or keeping in line so continue defining the outer eye until you are satisfied with the effect.

Fifth step – apply Glimmer stick to upper water mark and create cat eye

Gently remove the sticky tape if you are using one. Use the Glimmerstick to define your upper waterline – whichever way you feel comfortable applying it should work…I usually apply mine right at the lash line and a little on the top of the lid to begin the cat eye effect (wing). Keep extending the line where the sticky tape used to be (under the defined outer corner of the eye) And add two more lines under the cat eye wing so you have three lines extending from the outer corner of the eye (see picture below).If you are into smudging, then go ahead using either your crease brush (cleaned) or a smudging brush to create a smoked out look on the bottom eyelid. Add some yellow eye shadow for a little pop of colour.

Sixth step – mascara

Using your favourite mascara, add at least three coats (waiting about twenty seconds in between each coat) to your lashes. Use a mascara that lengthens and thickens. If need be, like I do, use a combination of mascaras. Alternatively, you can use falsies.

And voila! Your finished look!

Peacock inspired eye shadow look

Peacock inspired eye shadow look

Hope you try this out and enjoy it!

Until the next post…take care! 🙂